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The ERUK View Of The Current Debate Around Cannabis-Based Products As A Treatment For Epilepsy

The ERUK view of the current debate around cannabis-based products as a treatment for epilepsy can be found below. To summarise the statement, whilst there is evidence that medical-grade preparations of an active ingredient of cannabis, cannabidiol, can be beneficial in some types of epilepsy, cannabis oil itself cannot be considered a safe or effective treatment. This is due to read more

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Research In US Shows That Cannabis Compound May Halve Seizures For Patients With Severe Epilepsy

Researchers from the Ohio State University have found that individuals with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) who took cannabidiol every day for 14 weeks saw the frequency of atonic seizures fall by more than 50 percent. LGS is one of the most severe forms of epilepsy. The condition involves multiple types of seizures, including tonic, atonic, atypical absence, and myoclonic. Atonic seizures, read more

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Cannabis Component To Be Used In Epilepsy Drug

A new epilepsy treatment is set to be developed using a component of cannabis. Ben Whalley at the University of Reading and his colleagues worked with GW Pharmaceuticals to investigate the anti-convulsant properties of cannabidivarin (CBDV), which is a little-studied chemical found in cannabis and some other plants. According to a report by the New Scientist, Mr Whalley stated that read more

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Cannabis ‘May Be Used To Reduce Epileptic Seizures’

Research by the University of Reading has discovered that cannabis could help to reduce the number of seizures people with epilepsy are affected by. The study on rats found that individual compounds derived from cannabis, known as cannabinoids, could be helpful for some people with the condition who do not respond to anti-epileptic drugs. Dr Ben Whalley, Dr Claire Williams read more

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Epilepsy Research ‘Considers Medicinal Benefits Of Cannabis’

Epilepsy research is being carried out at the University of Reading to discover whether cannabis extracts could reduce seizures among those with the condition. Scientists are set to embark on pre-clinical work into the matter, following recent studies that suggested non-psychoactive extracts of the drug could reduce seizures. Dr Ben Whalley is leading the upcoming project and says: “The University read more

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What’s New And Exciting In Epilepsy Research?

We asked Dr Robert Wykes, a translational medicine scientist for his personal perspective.  Here is his response: Despite decades of new anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs) reaching market, the problem of drug refractory epilepsy remains. 25-30% of patients do not respond appropriately to AEDs. However in recent years advances in technology and non-pharmacological approaches are beginning to address this clinical need. We read more

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ERUK Helps To Launch Evidence Week At Parliament

On 25th June, Epilepsy Research UK was invited to speak at the launch of Evidence Week in the Churchill Room at the House of Commons. Evidence Week, run by the organisation Sense About Science, aimed to convince politicians to make good use of evidence and expertise to help shape regulations and policies. The launch was attended by MPs, peers, and read more

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World Health Organisation Says Cannabidiol Could Have Therapeutic Value For Seizures.

Although the World Health Organisation (WHO) has not gone so far as to endorse the use of medicinal marijuana in the treatment of certain conditions and diseases, they have recently stated that “Recent evidence from animal and human studies shows that a compound derived from marijuana (cannabidiol) could have some therapeutic value for seizures due to epilepsy and related conditions” read more

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Cannabidiol Show Success In Dravet Syndrome

Please note that Epilepsy Research UK does not endorse/promote individual epilepsy treatments or pharmaceutical companies. According to a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial*, cannabidiol (CBD) reduces seizure frequency in children with Dravet syndrome – a highly complex epilepsy disorder associated with drug-resistant seizures. The findings are published in The New England Journal of Medicine. CBD is a chemical found in the cannabis read more

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Another Cannabidiol Trial Announced, In Israel

Disclaimer: Epilepsy Research UK is completely neutral and is not affiliated with any commercial company, or any particular device/product. The medical company, MMJ PhytoTech Limited, has recently announced that it will begin a new phase two clinical trial by the end of this year to test the effectiveness of its new drug compound, PTL101, in treating children with drug-resistant epilepsy. During the trial, read more

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Glossary Of Terms

Antibody A protein produced by the body’s immune system when it detects harmful substances called antigens. Antigen A molecule capable of triggering an immune response. Aura A sensation sometimes experienced before a seizure ‘properly’ begins. It can be anything from a sound, smell, feeling, taste, change in body temperature or disturbance in vision. Auras can occur minutes/hours before the seizure, read more

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